Ideaspace: Party in Latveria

I had an idea to do a continuing series like this a while back, but never actually got round to writing it. But now seems a good time to resurrect the idea.

My favourite time in Vs is the time just before and just after a new set is released. Before competitive archetypes emerge, when all your ideas and fresh and new and untested, and therefore that much more fun for being full of potential.

When a new set hits, the ideas flood in. Many won’t ever make it to full potential, but that doesn’t make the ideas any less worthwhile, does it?

It all starts with the previews. The ideas we have then are the most filled with potential, the most unconstrained by reality. Only when we see the full list will they start to crystallize.

The previews for MUN have been simply fantastic. Most of the cards we’ve seen are clearly powerful, but more than that, they are cool. They’re inspiring. Every time I’ve seen one I’ve gone “Cool, got to get me 4 of those and build a deck around it” (Except Thor… sorry Thor…)

So starting today, and with more to come on a hopefully daily basis, I’ll be throwing around some of the deck ideas the Marvel Universe Previews have inspired.

I’m not going to do it in chronological order of previews – I’m going to start with the cards that got me the most excited.

Nick Fury, Director of Shield, and his good friends SHIELD Agents and Squirell Girl.

It’s hard to articulate just how stoked I was when I saw those cards.

Suffice to say, “very” comes a little short. The ideas just keep flooding in.

Nick Fury enables any number of cool 1 drop army decks. And who doesn’t love a 1 drop army deck? SHIELD Agents provide a nasty burn whenever they come into play, and not just when they’re recruited. That opens up all sorts of alternative recruit shenanigans, including Nick Fury himself, Mr. Fantastic: Richards Rival, Squirrel Girl, Tatooed Man… there’s a heap of ideas in Silver and Modern… I won’t go worrying about Golden just yet, but there’s probably something fun involving Injustice Gang from JLA.

There’s already been lots of discussion of the potential of a League of Assassins/ SHIELD built, so I’ll pass right over that and go straight to the next idea that struck me – an X-Men/ SHIELD build.

X-Men bring a few things to the table for this kind of build.

Multiple Man <> Jamie Madrox is one of the chunkier 1 drop army characters, and he’d be a good body to be throwing out extra dupes with Nick Fury.

Cable, Nathan Summers burns for one for each character in play, and with handfuls of SHIELD Agents and Multiple Men being put into play with Nick and Squirrel Girl, that should be a goodly number. And with Bodyslide, you can do it twice. Burn Baby Burn.

That gives us a decent core, burning with SHIELD Agents and Cable and Bodyslide. But the build needs more. X-Men cards provide a good trick in Fastball Special – exhausting two Shield Agents to stun a guy certainly doesn’t suck.

The Helicarrier doesn’t really fit in a build looking to take advantage of Cable, though it’d be worth testing. Returning multiple characters to the hand doesn’t seem to quite fit. Then again, boosting the Dupes to 4/2 is pretty sweet… so it’s on the periphery.

But the big Achilles heel in the skeleton is the lack of card draw. It’s a problem that pops up in any attempt to build a Shield Army build. To fuel Nick Fury, you need a full hand. On team, we have Forge, Inventor Extraordinaire, who can effectively draw us an extra card most of the time, but that spends resource points when we have better things to do with them, and costs us an attacker in an aggressive build… but perhaps the hand problem is big enough to warrant it. Xaviers Institute of Higher Learning will score a couple of extra cards. However, it’s not looking to inspiring in terms of drawing enough cards to fuel the rush. That problem has to stay on the drawing board until we see what MUN has to offer, I think.

As per my previous ramblings about focus, I’m inclined to think that the deck will fill itself out largely with attack pumps. This is a deck that needs to close the deal pretty fast, by turn 4 or 5, so attack pumps will be vital.

Overall, the biggest concern in this and any SHIELD Agent build I’ve been considering has been the issue of card draw. Which has made me consider a three way team up SHIELD/Injustice Gang/ X for Criminal Mastermind and Tatooed Man.

Tomorrow, our 1 drop Army character of choice for SHIELD consideration is Swarm Bots, Army. The Party in Latveria will really kick off.


~ by Anthony on May 6, 2008.

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