Ideaspace: Party in Latveria 2 (The Morning After)

Last time, we started looking at some of the many ideas that the MUN previews have generated, starting with Nick Fury and his other Army-enabling SHIELD buddies. We started with an X Men team up for some burn and a few tricks.

Today, I’m going to look at another idea that popped up in my head with the good Mr Fury.

With Swarm Bots as your 1 drop army character of choice, you can keep churning out a steady supply of +1/+1 counters for your Dr. Doom, turning him into a hefty beatstick. My current thoughts on this deck are assuming Silver Age, but it’s not entirely crazy to consider it in a Modern Enviroment (assuming of course we can solve that glaring card draw problem… I think there’s an article on that in the future, maybe after MUN hits).

I’m keeping it Silver because I want to have fun with all the Army Doom goodness in Heralds.

I want Master of Puppets so the Swarm Bots but some burn in when they’re handing out the counters.

I want Reed Richards, Dooms Rival, to be pulling them back from the grave for even more counters.

I want Unthinkable to protect or beatstick from being turned into a Frog.

The idea is that the deck will play some bots or Boris on turns 1 and 2, Nick Fury on 3, Dr. Doom (Diabolic Genius) on 4, and Reed on 5 (with a Boris or a bot). After that, it’s open for debate. I’m inclined towards running a 6, simply because swarming out bots will be hard. Though Dooms 6 drop options (excluding those actually called Dr Doom) are a little unispiring. Maybe SHIELD will offer something desirable?

It’s also possible to consider curving out while using Nick to (effectively) add +2/+2 to the good Doctor each turn, having perhaps Kristoff on 5 to keep the opponents options limited, and play a more defensive game. I can envisage this deck being quite flexible if built well… though I think I’m perhaps thinking wishfully and failing to consider things like card count. But that’s what this series is all about – the wishful thinking part, generating ideas. I’d like to think it’s a deck that can alternate build a highly Aggressive Giant Doom to smash with, or be more conservative and build a wall of a Doom to stall out slightly. (Wait… is this an opportunity to use Thor…?… probably not without mad card draw…)

I can see two builds emerging from this seed, one being a more aggressive, rush oriented strategy designed to finish fast, and the other designed to brickwall with an ever expanding Doom and some control elements… Armour of Doom could be interesting too.

And just to throw another thought out there, I think Doom could be an awesome team up for a Shield deck oriented around the SHIELD Agents – MHG Doom has plenty of burn elements, including Master of Puppets and For The Glory of Doom, as well as ways to recruit guys from the KO’d pile, for a continued flow of burn.

I actually think it’s probably the more powerful Doom/SHIELD build, blisteringly fast and aggressive, but I thought I’d present the Swarm Bots idea first because it’s a little more interesting.

I’d write more, but I have to get back to Hierarchical Linear Modelling notes that been glaring disapprovingly at me for the last while… (In one week, I will never have exams again… which is also what I said at the end of my undergrad exams… then they snuck a stats exam onto my Masters)


~ by Anthony on May 8, 2008.

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