Ideaspace: I’ve got the Blues

Alpha Flight’s inclusion in MUN has made many people happy Vs players. While I’m not particularly attached to Alpha Flight in a comic book fandom kinda way, I do like what we’ve seem in terms of card design.

The unifying theme of this sub-team is playing lots and lots of plot twists. So far, our big pay off for doing so is yet another Stun Gun in the form of Beta Ray Bill, ably enabled by Weapon Omega stealing the other guy’s plot twists.

We know we’re only getting the Omega Flight guys in MUN, and as such a team up is definately going to be neccesary to take advantage. One hopes that Beta Ray Bill is not the only member of the team that actually benefits from the playing lots of blues (Because 7 is a bit late to start taking advantage).

The first and most obvious Team Up for Alpha Flight is Secret Society, in that they grant Straight to the Grave as PT search (You can salvage them with Alpha Flight Reborn) and Black Manta to further fish back used plot twists to fuel the fire. Secret Society also bring some control/ disruption elements to the board that can help the game go as far as Beta Ray Bill.

However, the one that occured to me first was Defenders, to get access to Devil Slayer. Devil Slayer’s ability to dig into your deck for plot twists is particularly effective is you pack your deck with attack pumps that lack a timing restriction – preferably turn long pumps like flying kick or crackshot, so you can always play what you draw.  If you combine this with Sam Parrington, you can produce some very big swings with Devil Slayer (In practice, a deck designed to finish with Devil Slayer double swinging on five never quite did it reliably enough, but it was borderline). Depending on what the lower end of the Alpha Flight Curve has to offer, you can set up a whole deluge of blues. However, Devil Slayer doesn’t do anything to help Beta Ray Bill, so the effectiveness of a Defenders Team Up would depend on what’s coming at the lower end of the Alpha Flight curve.

My instinct is that an Alpha Flight deck is going to want to be playing unconditional plot twists that can be dropped at any time, which lends itself to aggression somewhat, as most of the non time/ situation restricted cards in the game (that are actually good) are turn long attack pumps. Which makes me sad, because Beta Ray Bill might not get to hit the table if you’re playing an aggressive deck…


~ by Anthony on June 2, 2008.

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