Back in Black

So after a long period in the Masters Thesis hole and a brief period of being incredibly relaxed/ lazy once the deadline passed, I’m back to Vs and the blogosphere.

For the next while, I’ll be doing a series of articles based on my preperation for the UK mini-mega weekend. What makes things interesting is that my card pool is extremely limited due to me not being at home in Ireland, resulting in most of my collection being a sea away and not having my usual playgroup about to borrow/trade cards from to complete my deck…

So I’ll be building with a tight set of restrictions – I’ve got MTU, MVL, DWF, and MUN (Not even close to playsets as far as rares are concerned), plus some random assorted bits from various decks, including the core of Check/Villains, a Skrull/Legionnaires deck, and some random bits and pieces from Heralds, and generics from DLS and MHG.  The goal: build a competive deck for both Silver Age and BYOS.

Tomorrow, I’ll start going over the available cards and attached vague ideas in more detail.


~ by Anthony on July 24, 2008.

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