Limited Resources, Part : The Simple Things, Simply.

When I was but a young lad, my Dad taught me many things, most of which have nothing to do with Vs.

One thing, however, sticks in my mind. Granted, it was in relation to playing football (soccer for those on the wrong side of the big pond), but it applies.

If you want to be great at something, learn to do the simple things, simply. Only masters can do the really fancy stuff, but anyone can excel at anything by getting the basics right.

Given that I’m building a Silver Age deck and a BYOS deck with a much more limited card pool than I’d like, it seemed like a good axiom to work with.

So I scanned the cards I had available to me, and what jumped out was the fact that I could assemble a pretty solid Avengers Reservist build.

The problems that have emerged are:

The 3 drop slot.

I don’t have any Punishers, and only 2 Jessica Drews. The other alternative is Falcon, whose basic stats are unimpressive. However, if one can fix the rally and hit a Cap, he’s great. But there’s only 4 Caps and 4 Losing the Arguments, so it doesn’t seem too hopeful. All in all, I’d prefer to fill the gaps with good characters. I’ll be playing with an eye to underdropping, I think.

Actually, that’s the only major problem really.

I opted for balls to the wall agression, and as such, anything that isn’t search or card draw is an attack pump. Simple. Things. Simply.

I’d kinda built this whole thing up in my head as a major challenge, and I’m a little dissappointed that such a simple solution presented itself. Which means that this deck will be going on the shelf and I’ll be looking for something a little more creative tomorrow…


~ by Anthony on July 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Limited Resources, Part : The Simple Things, Simply.”

  1. Underdropping isn’t a horrible idea.

    With rally-centric cards like Hawkeye, Captain America, Iron Fist, Ronin… it seems to work out. I love playing Iron Fist on 1, Hawkeye on 2, Cap and Dagger on 3, and then putting counters on em all. Underdropping isn’t so bad when you can make your one-drops 3/2 and your 2 drops have 4 atk. (Same as Falcon has)

    Then Big Three on turn 3 with your little swarm of dudes. Smashy smashy.

  2. That was my general thinking too. Goldfishing has suggested I may need a couple more reservists though, so Falcon might go in just to fill that requirement.

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