Limited Resources: Searching for Something I Just Can’t Find

There are two words I really like to apply to any decks I build.


And consistency.

They both feed into each other to some extent, but I’m having problems with the second thing as I throw together decks for the Maidstone Mega Weekend. I don’t have playsets of a lot of search effects, which is artificially limiting my deck choices because I really don’t like to play with less than 8 search effects unless I’ve got some sick card draw going on or I’m playing off curve.

I have my 4 mobilize, which is inclining me towards mono team builds.

I’ve also got 4 Creation of  a Herald (but limited Heralds cards, I just have the bits that were once part of the “Spider Draw” deck the Irish contingent brought to last years Masters Challenge), 4 The B Team, 3 Avengers Reassembled, and 1 or 2 of most of the other team stamped searchers.

I keep looking at MUN Crime Lords with ideas floating around in my head, but I’m really lamenting the lack of stamped search. If I come down to playing one of the many CL variants I’ve thrown together, I’m going to need to trade for 3 cosmic cubes on the day of the tournament – If anyone going to the weekend has a few they’d like to trade, give me a shout, and I’ll try and find something you want in trade. So far, I’ve a couple of builds I like enough to consider. I’ll also need to trade for a couple of copies of the Captain and Master Man.

I’ve been strongly considering some form of Defenders/ Heralds stall deck. I had a semi decent build a while ago, that finished with Galactus, The Maker plus Sam Parrington  to eat half their endurance and make a strong attack for breakthrough. The reason this deck is attracting me at the moment is the fact that it has 8 search cards which can be used to find guys I’m not teamed up with, allowing for a little bit of toolboxing, and slightly less reliance on hitting that team up. The deck has a pretty solid midgame thanks to a plethora of out of combat stuns via Hawkeye and Terrax. The giant achilles heel of the deck is turn 5. Neither team has a 5 drop that adequately controls the board on turn five, meaning I usually take a bit of a beating, losing a character or two or some vital cosmic counters.

One thing I have been considering, however, is making use of Hulk on 5, and running some copies of The Strongest One There Is, but that seems a little draw dependent – Though Creation can find it, making for a potentially strong defense on turns 5/6.

I’ve also been thinking about a Defenders/ Warbound Hulk legend deck, using the Warbound guys who pumps Hulk when removed from game in conjunction with some of the backup dudes to make an absolute monster of a Hulk that can swing multiple times for the win. Biggest issue being, again, the lack of vital rares. Not having Hulk Smash makes the deck a little less attractive.

On the upside, I have built a deck for the BYOS portion of the tournament, which I’m quite happy with. Needs some work to be optimally consistent, but it’s fun and focused and smashy.

Random Aside: I really wish I had my Infinite Crisis cards with me. And not for Ahmed.


~ by Anthony on July 30, 2008.

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