Procrastination and a Syndicate BYOT deck

A short break from writing about Relational Frame Theory and theory-knitting to bring you a quickly thrown together decklist for my current obsession in the BYOT format:

4x Lizard, Voracious Predator

3x Vulture, Aerial Stalker

1x Baslisk, Basil Elks

1x Tombstone, Lonnie Lincoln

1x Slyde

1x Fusion, Markley

1x Razorfist, Sociopathic Mercenary

1x Mendel Stromm, Robot Master

2x Hammerhead, Gangster

3x Shriek, Frances Barrison

1x The Rose, Richard Fisk

1x Swarm, Fritz Meyer

1x Silvermane, Silvio Manfredi

1x The Answer, Aaron Nichols

1x Spider Slayer VX, Arachnid Hunter

3x Vermin, Sewer Rat

2x Electro, Shock Jock

2x Rhino, Alex O’ Hirn

3x Carnage, Psychopath

(33 Characters)

4x Legacy of Evil

4x Hired Goons

4x Planet of The Symbiotes

3x Ravencroft Asylum

4x Spider Hunt

4x Flying Kick

4x Crackshot

Simple and straightforward. Punch them in the head until they fall over. Playing as many global pumps as I can get my mitts on. I’m torn on the inclusion of Spider Slayers, but the deck would probably be paddled by spider clones anyway. Damn Gift Wrapped.


~ by Anthony on August 14, 2008.

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