Fury of the Matsu: The L5R/Vs Crossover challenge pt2

This particular challenge has really caught my imagination. Thank you, Kenpachi-san.

After collecting some thoughts on how best to represent the Seven Virtues of Bushido in the deckbuilding process over on realms ( http://www.vsrealms.com/forum/showthread.php?t=62053 ) and frenziedly reading cardlists for much of yesterday (It’s so awesome to be finished and have nothing else I have to do) I have a couple of preliminary ideas for my deck.

In the interests of honour and sincerity, I will be presenting my final decklist here before the tournament commences. There will be no deception from the Lion. But this one is currently work in progress.

I made the decision to restrict myself to one team only (Chugo: Duty and Loyalty) and after a while I’d narrowed it down to Team Superman or JLA. I came down in favour of JLA for one main reason – they have the only card in the game with the word “Honour” in the title –

Field of Honour 3


Flip only during your recruit step and only if you control a JLA character.

During each opponent’s first attack in which he controls an attacker each turn, that opponent can’t play plot twists or use payment powers.

Perfect fit for the Lion, forcing characters into honourable combat. Also, the Lion Clan’s tactical prowess has often manifested in the ability to restrict the opponents actions.

I began to look at how I could develop this theme, and hit on Wonder Woman, Avatar of Truth (Honesty and Sincerity again, whose text reads:

Willpower 3

Cosmic: At the start of the combat phase, each opponent names a plot twist. Each opponent can’t play plot twists this phase with names different from the name he chose.

Again, forcing the opponent to do things honourably and openly in combat. Wonder Woman also has the advantage of being very “Matsu” in flavour. The Matsu family of the Lion are fierce warriors. They are also a matriarchal family, and the Lion’s Pride is a military unit made up entirely of female samurai-ko. Wonder Woman could easily be a Matsu.

The secondary theme in the deck emerged as an attempt to represent the “Tactitian” mechanic is a Vs deck. The Tactitian trait allows you to discard a Fate card and add its focus value to the tactitian’s force as a battle action. The obvious parrallel – powering up. And whaddaya know, JLA do that well too, with the Ally keyword, which is also dripping with flavour for a Clan whose armies work with perfect synergy.

Finally, I decided that the best way to represent the honouring the ancestors theme of the Lion in Vs terms was the inclusion of Carrying the Torch. Things were coming together pretty nicely alright.  The heavens align for the honourable Lion.

So my first draft decklist:

4x Conor Hawke <> Green Arrow, Son of the Archer (Lion do support archery as a military tactic, but mostly he’s there for his ally effect)

4x Red Tornado, John Smith (In there for Compassion and Duty)

3x John Henry Irons <> Steel, Steel Works

4x Kendra Saunders <> Hawkgirl, Eternal Heroine (Another female warrior in the Matsu tradition)

4x Wonder Woman, Avatar of Truth (Honor, Sincerity, and Matsu!)

2x Wonder Woman, Ambassador of Peace (Okay, I know that’s a little bit of a stretch, but I still maintain it fits with the Tactical acumen of the Lion, the virtue of Compassion, and the Matsu Theme. )

4x Superman, Metropolis Marvel (Straight beats, Lion Military Style. But no-one epitomises honour like Supes)

2x Martian Manhunter, Founding Member (Compassion. Will never be played in the Hidden area)

1x Wonder Woman, Founding Member

1x Superman, Founding Member.

(29 chars)

4x Carrying the Torch (Honouring the ancestors)

4x Mobilize

2x Mightiest Heroes

4x Indestructable (The card representing Duty in L5R involves not dying in battle)

4x Fury of the Amazons (Fury of the Mastu!)

2x Lasso of Truth (More forcing the other guy to be honourable)

4x Battle Training (A sincere attack pump)

4x Reform the League

3x Field of Honour

That’s the first draft. Carrying the Torch to make people Wonder Woman (or Superman) should allow for use of the powerful plot twists, and also make powering up easier. That combined with restrictions on the opponents’ plot twist use should allow me to dominate the combat phase, as the Lion should.

The other decklist I’m working on is a pure “tactitian” deck – that is to say, a power up deck. Now, my mono-team self imposed restriction means it’s not Good Guys, or even the JLA/JSA identity build, so I don’t feel like I’m crowbarring a powerful deck with a dodgy rationale. No slimy tricks or poor justifications for me on this one. There is no victory without honour.

Ikoma Otekai.


~ by Anthony on September 10, 2008.

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