Giant Size Vs: Secret Invasion – Some Thoughts

I’ve been mulling over the idea of a Secret Invasion Raid deck. It would be desirable for any future Giant Size Vs deck to have a completely different flavour and playstyle to Galactus, a la captainspud’s Starro Raid deck which revolves around stealing characters.

With the Skrull Empire as the big bad, what would they do that’s different to Galactus?

A few ideas here:

They have an army. A big army. One big enough to threaten multiple alliance players. The character cards for the Skrull Empire would focus on being swarmy and mutually supporting, I think.

They have Super Skrulls. Which has given me an interesting idea. The super skrulls in secret invasion are all tailored, with multiple power sets designed to counter the specific opponent. What if the Skrull player had a selection of “Power Cards” that they could assign to their Super Skrulls when they were recruited. Think of them as equipment cards that aren’t actually equipment cards, that are always “in hand” for the Empire player. Something like this:

Super Skrull, Precision Engineered.

Recruit cost 3


Boost X: Super Skrull gets +2/+2 for each resource point spent on X. For each resource point spent on X, gain X resource points. These resource points may only be spent to recruit “power cards” attached to Super Skrull.

This would allow the Skrull player to create tailored, powerful threats. Powers could be highly varied, possibly including some cheap “stat boosts” to deal with the issue of the Super Skrull coming in small at high ends of the curve. After all, they need to be threatening enough to deal with multiple opposing players, so it doesn’t hurt to make them incredibly awesome. And balancing it for non-raid competitive play needn’t be an issue – just don’t let the power cards be legal.

The final thing a Secret Invasion style raid needs is the “who do you trust” angle. The Skrull player needs to be able to wreak havoc within the enemies ranks. How exactly to achieve this is an interesting question. I don’t think stealing characters is neccesarily the best way to go. Not strictly, anyway. Perhaps cards that cause the alliance players to attack each others characters? Or the ability to KO an opposing character to put a Skrull into play? There’s so many options here, but what I’d want to acheive with it is a sense of chaos, that the alliance players are really all that allied thanks to the infiltrations of the Skrulls. The Army of the Empire is bearing down on them, and they’re tearing each other apart from the inside, trusted characters are turning out to be agents of the Skrull and taking swings at your allies, and nobody can be trusted.

I’m going to wander off to the drawing board and see what I can come up with for a first draft of some Skrull Empire cards…


~ by Anthony on September 14, 2008.

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