Stream of Consciousness.

Well, done travelling and unpacking and sorting out stuff. After so long away from home, it was a challenge to fit all the DVDs, books, and of course Vs cards into my room. I’m pretty sure I somehow managed to pull a Timelord and make some cupboards bigger on the inside than they are on the outside.

But onto business… or at least, some comics/Vs related things that have been rattling around in my head.

Invincible is really fantastic, I’ve plowed through the first 40 issues in a couple of days. I haven’t been this hooked  on a comic book in…  a really long time. Every time I finish an issue/TPB I’m chomping at the bit to get to the next one. It’s funny, with likable characters who you get really attached to. And it handles shifts in tone so very well – it flips from being a normally light hearted book to delivering dramatic gut punches with fierce power… without seeming incongruous. And the art is gorgeous. Kudos to Kirkman for delivering an innovative, entertaining new title, and I thank the Gods in charge of consumer spending that people actually bought it when it came out of nowhere – too many new titles wither and die before they get a chance to get where they’re going, and it would have been tragic if it had happened to Invincible.

Also, mulling over Modern Age deck ideas in earnest. The big contenders were laid out in excellent fashion by TDB over on The Deranged Blog. If I default to one of those, it’ll probably be ARR, since I’m familiar with how it runs. But as ever, I’ll look around outside the box to see if there’s anything that’s been missed. MA seems to be a pretty fast format, with SHIELD, ARR, and MKKO setting a pretty tight clock. Some attention has been drawn to “Society Complex” as a deck that can outlast these decks, thanks to Messiah Complex/ Beyonder/ Death netting a huge 10 or 20 extra life. But that combo isn’t Society Team Stamped, even if they can utilize it more reliably with Black Manta – I’m wondering if there’s other builds that could benefit from that little push into the late game. Maybe even taking the life gain idea to the next level, running Med Kits too – FF were the skeleton around which a pretty solid life gain deck was built around – could adding Messiah Complex/ Beyonder to this grant it a critical mass of life gain that would make it nigh impossible to kill, before taking ownership of the late game with Surfer?

Life gain’s an interesting thing. Back when I played Magic, better players than me told me that life gain was never worth it – it’s not actively winning you the game in any way, and you could spend the same resources acheiving actual victory. That bias stuck with me and I assumed the same of Vs… But Vs has inevitability. The simple act of not dying in Vs gets you somewhere – it gets you to 8 or 9 resources, and if you’ve got a drop for that turn, you’re in a big advantageous position. So yeah, “uber life gain.dec” will be getting some thought for modern.

I’ve been tinkering too with the “Secret Invasion” raid deck idea I proposed, but I don’t want to present anything until I’m actually semi happy with the designed cards. Designing cards isn’t something I do often, so I’m taking my time. And reading all of Spud’s “How I’d do it articles”… which are gold. And responsible for me picking up Invincible.

But that’s enough of my rambling for now…


~ by Anthony on September 19, 2008.

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  1. Anthony, your prize from the megaweekend should be done midweek…hopefully. You’ll have to email me your new address at

    We’re running another mega weekend the second weekend in November. As stated before we’d quite happily put you up to reduce your costs (ie no hotel bills)

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