The Odd Couple

New Birds wins again in the Summer of Love. Man, I did not see that coming. Seriously. I’ve bet against them every single time. I mean, New Gods? C’mon! 


And the fact that I’ve been wrong every time is why I love Summer of Love. It’s been very difficult to predict, and the upsets keep coming. New Birds is a simple lesson in the fact that a deck with focus is strong. The plot twist selection is brutally straight forward – pumps galore. If only I’d listened to my own advice about focus I might have spotted the potential power of the New Birds deck. Summer of Love has shown time and time again that consistency is a major issue, and having such tight focus, rather than a combo (a la the Wolverine decks) or core interaction gives the deck a power I didn’t spot at all. 


I await the remaining matches with great anticipation. Gambling on Vs is a huge amount of fun. Lord help us if the next time Lost Hemisphere runs something this awesome they decide to actually take cash bets… because I’d totally spend a fortune on it…


~ by Anthony on September 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Odd Couple”

  1. Don’t tempt me, dude 😉

  2. New Birds are winning because I PICKED THEM.

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