Multiplicity: Another Random Thought

The Elektra Situation and Omni are likely to be the nuts in this format.

Just had the thought that a Mr Fantastic/ Iron Man equips build running Elektra Situation and Omni would be pretty solid, with the ability to shut down most opposing decks completely and field some very resilient characters, with some exhaust tech as well in the form of Iron Man, Protector of the Reality Gem, and Clandestine Ops. 

This is an idea that I’m suddenly very fond of. 

Off the top of my head curve: 

2: Mr. Fantastic, Stringbean/ Mr. Fantastic, Protector of the Power Gem

3: Iron Man, Illuminati/ Mr. Fantastic, Flexible Thinker

4: Mr. Fantastic, Critical Thinker / Iron Man, Mighty Avenger

5: Iron Man, Protector of the Reality Gem / Mr. Fantastic, Illuminati

6: Mr Fantastic, Dimensional Explorer

7: Iron Man, Director of Shield.


You’ll have Eureka for equipment search, so you’ll have plenty of access to your Extremis Uprgrades and Unstable Molecular suits, and whatever random equips you think would be useful to give you an edge in combat. New Baxter Building, Mr. Fantastic, Critical Thinker, and Mr. Fantastic, Dimensional Explorer would give you some solid card draw. 


And there’s also no need to get hung up on a strict Mr. Fantastic/ Iron Man curve, once you’ve got both on the board your Illuminati tricks can turn on, and you can fill some of the slots in the curve with some other people if you choose. (Though Iron Man on 4 and 5 is pretty awesome, maintaining your board and using it to lock down the other guy off initiative) 

The real draw, of course, is the incredible ability to shut down all those pesky Spider-Man decks completely, as well as most of the other Legend centric decks you’re likely to see.


~ by Anthony on October 2, 2008.

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