Multiplicity: General Musings on Clone Saga

Breaking uniqueness has always been a pretty fun and powerful thing to do. And now, we have a whole format where you don’t have to worry about it. 


Now, there’s the obvious first port of call in such a format – looking at characters who have powerful drops at multiple points on the curve, and a bevy of Legend plot twists to their name. Indeed, this course of action is so obvious that many have critisized Clone Saga as basically being Build a Legend all over again, except easier and probably more broken.  


The first names that came to mind for the Legend Curve style build were, for me: 

Fantastic Four: Okay, not a “Curve O’ Legend” as such, but with 8 search cards and the Plaza, you could build a really flexible deck with lots of options to switch between aggro and defence, and not have to worry about replacement.

Spider-man: It’s simple really. There’s just a lot of wonderfully controlly Spideys all the way up the curve. 

Wolverine: Piles of options, while a solid midgame of Wolverines… but do you really ever need two? Most Wolverine decks focus on pumping one Wolvie to huge proportions. 

Worlds Finest: Not really different from the standard WF build, except you have more space for tricks and don’t have to replace your Batman. Actually, that could blow things wide open for the build. It could pack some more combat tricks, and play around with the standard curve a lot more. 


Punisher: Sniper Shot, anyone? 


But these are some of the more obvious options. In fact, the majority of Legends currently in the game scream for (ab)use in Clone Saga. But lets not forget that there are other options here. There are plenty of characters who would benefit from having multiple copies of themselves in play.


Doom, the original Legend, is likely to see play in clone saga. But I don’t think the notsoGood Doctor is actually the main beneficiary of the lack of a uniqueness rule. No, what’s caught my eye is Puppet Master, Overprotective Father. Dropping multiples of this dude is a pretty strong play, especially when you’ve got your Mystical Paralysis firing of Dr. Doom, Richards Rival (and you can still play multiple dooms, so that’s cool)… and perhaps being rebought by Black Manta?  (After teaming up with Underground Movement, which can ship a Puppet Master to the hidden)


And then there’s good old aggression. It occurs to me that off curve stands to gain an awful lot from Clone Saga. I mean, wouldn’t you love to spend all your resource points on those hugely overstatted characters who enable off curve in the first place, rather than those random guys you put in just to dodge uniqueness problems? Your Electros, Vultures, and such. Fill up the extra space you save by playing only the best characters with the best card draw you can manage, or more pumps, and see what happens. 


Oh, and I just love the idea of playing out 4 Quicksilver, House of M, to support Quicksilver, Inhuman By Marriage on the kill turn.  *ducks barrage of rotten fruit*


Other random thoughts: Multiple Valerias in a Medkit build would generate some crazy big amounts of endurance, I’m increasing liking the options available to a Human Torch Clone deck as I think about it (Burning or out of Combat Stun both), and why does it always come back to FF being awesome? Half my ideas for this format involve the Family in some form. (I also like The Big Butts curve of Mr. F/Thing/Mr. F/Thing, complete with defence pumps and unstable molecular suits and Clobberin’ Pines)


I’ve only really scratched the surface here with some random brainstorming. The crux of this post: When you’re looking at your options for Clone Saga, there’s a whole lot beyond the “curve of legend(s)” that you could do to take advantage of the format. There’s potential for some awesome decks to come out of this format, especially with the vast cardpool of Silver Age. Think outside the box, folks.


~ by Anthony on October 2, 2008.

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