Ideaspace: “I want that thing off my lawn”

The title, of course, is a reference to the Whedon Astonishing X-Men issue where the WIld Sentinel attacks the Mansion…  And gets the full brunt of Cyke’s power. It was an awesome moment. With gorgeous art. Which I really hope turns up on a Cyclops related card somewhere. 


Yup, you’ve guessed right, I’m joining the deluge of blog posts talking about the previews we’ve seen so far. 

And I’m going to toss chronological order out of the window and start with this:

TBS has confirmed that there will be a three drop Cyclops, which just sweetens the deal further. 


This is an immensely powerful stall card.  Unlike Mystical Paralysis, it lets the opponent choose who gets exhausted, but it gets two guys. More than a fair trade in my book, especially considering the fact that Cyke being a 3 drop means your 4 drop slot can happily be filled by Spider-Man in Silver and Dr. Doom in Modern (Assuming the X-Men/ X Factor don’t have a stall-tastic 4 drop of the same caliber… it’s a high caliber). The sheer volume of powerful off initiative exhausts that will be available in Modern and Silver is quite impressive. And I haven’t even mentioned Captain America and his Shield. And the Captain, who just keeps getting more broken as time goes on.  


Damn, ever since I wrote that article about how PA wasn’t all that good, R&D have been going out of their way to print cards that really make it more worthwhile.  Which in turn makes Omni even more of a neccesity for control decks. Which makes Death of a Dream/Have a Blast! more neccesary… Hrrrm… (I increasingly think TDB and Tommy Ashton are right about Omni being bad for the game… )

Anyway, it wouldn’t be an Ideaspace article if I didn’t throw out a half-baked janky idea for a deck using this card – Puppet Master on 2, Cyclops on 3 (Carrying the Torch to make him Doom. Or Doom on 3, Torch to make him Cyke, if you’re in Silver), Rogue on 4, exhaust absolutely everyone.  


Carrying the Torch… It’s really the most awesome card they’ve printed in ages. I really need my playset. 


As far as 8 Drops go, Cykes not completely amazing. I mean, he doesn’t say “win the game” or “skip turn 8” on him.  But at the same time, that’s looking at him in isolation.  As part of the X-Stall machine, he’ll certainly get you to turn 9. Or possibly just burn out the opponent. 


Energize is an interesting keyword as well. I’m lukewarm towards it, since it relies on your opponents actions to trigger, so you can’t strictly plan on it. It’s a keyword that’s going to be maximally useful in stall decks playing against aggro and curve decks – it’s of little use against stall decks, who don’t care if combat drifts by most of the time. Now, that negativity out of the way, it’s still potentially very exciting – after all, the opponent is going to want to attack most of the time, and if you’re playing a stall deck, and the opponent chooses not to attack, you’re laughing. Maniacally. 


Further Energize related musings as more cards emerge. 


Quick capsule review of Cyclops so far: The X-Men just became a darn good stall team in their own right again. Maybe X-Factor too, we’ll have to wait and see.


~ by Anthony on October 4, 2008.

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