Ideaspace “I’m the X-Factor”


In opening, Jamie Madrox is awesome. The MadroX Mini and the X-Factor run that came out of it have been fairly consistently some of my favourite superhero comics of the past few years. I love how he’s being written, with the dupes displaying aspects of his personality and the fact that he feels his life is pointless – when you can do anything, nothing seems to matter. It’s great stuff. 


Aaand… onto the card. The first cool thing: When he gets stunned, you can simply replace him with another copy of Jamie Prime. It makes for an excellent off initiative, Nimrod-esque resilience. Because you remove him from the game, it’s not infinite, but it’s certainly a cool trick to force your opponent to go through your 5 drop a couple of times. 


I expect quite a few versions of Jamie in the set, what with him being a legend and all, and I’ll go out on a limb and say that Jamie Prime is probably as big as they get. I predict a 1,2, and 3 version. (Hopefully the 3 will be the crazy, plot derailing “X Factor” personality. Because he was awesome). How good getting Jamie Prime stunned to swarm out dupes will be of course depends on how good the support cards. If you have 5 of the MVL Multiple Man, you’re getting a net gain in ATK, and more if you have some form of blanket pump. 


Notice that Jamie Prime doesn’t have army, so before you play him on five, you’re going to want to do this: 


Refill your hand, fill the KO pile with dupes to swarm back out when Jamie Prime stuns, and gain yourself some endurance. 


What I like about Jamie Prime + Re-absorbtion is the fact that it allows a swarm deck to clear the board of the little guys for a strong defensive turn 5, where you’ll have a hard to kill visible body to soak damage, which can finally break down into the little parts for a counter attack. It’s a pretty cool, thematic way for a Madrox deck to work. 


I just wish Zazzala wasn’t rotating out of Silver with this set, because Zazzala would be awesome with Madrox and Reabsorbtion. Maybe we’ll get some  Madrox legend cards that trigger off dupes entering and leaving play…


~ by Anthony on October 5, 2008.

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