Ideaspace: Hail Hydra and stuff.

I’m in love.  Swarm stall? 


It’s the best idea ever. Reminds me of my jank-tastic Illusiionary Warriors deck way back from DJL. 


This is just what I need to see to get excited about MEV. The deck that’s emerging for X-Factor makes me giddy. Swarm out Multiple Men , HYDRA. Lock down the opponent with multiplicity. Drop Cyke around turn 4 (with a swarm of adjacent Multiple Man), using either Concussive Force or his activated ability to keep the opponet down off initiative. Turn 5, reabsorb the dupes, and brickwall with the amazing recurring Jamie Prime. Turn 6, you’ve got this beast: 

Seriously, the opponent is never getting an effective attack again. The sheer, focused exhuast power X-Factor has just from these few previews is very impressive. 


Alternatively, you can stall until around 5, and use Jamie Prime to swarm out little guys for a big swarmy finish, if you can get a mass attack pump going. 


The fact that the 1-drop Army Jamie is also a Crime Lords and HYDRA character is even cooler. It allows you to use Cut Off One Head to accelerate the swarm, or lets you go in a different stall direction by running HYDRA Armageddon Carrier (don’t worry about the discards, Cut Off One Head and Jamie Prime will get your dupes back) and James Barnes <> Winter Soldier for off initiative stuns – replaying a bouncing character is a lot less taxing when you’re swarming instead of curving. 


Further Energize musings: So far, we’ve only seen it on characters costing 5+, and I think this may be a trend that willk continue – the ability to ready on high drops with activated powers makes activated powers a lot more useful on such characters, and on Polaris, it means she can restrict the opponent to only one attack even when outnumbered 3 – 1.  It seems to facilitate one strong visible character holding off a larger number of opponents, which is very cool.


~ by Anthony on October 7, 2008.

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