MEV Previews: Providence and Psimitar

Minimal preamble… here’s the first card: 


This card pulls Cable out of play, who can then be put back into play for free in your next build phase. 


Simple, yet with many applications. 


You can use it to gain multiple uses out of enters play effects printed on Cable character cards. At the moment, we have Cable, Nathan Summers. Between Providence and Bodyslide, you could have him enter play at least three times in a turn, if you didn’t draw more than one Bodyslide (Not drawing plot twists in a Cable deck… unlikely. Man, Techno Organic Virus is good). 


You can use it as a quasi-readying effect for Cable, Aksani’son, or with any other card that lets you exhaust Cable pre-combat for a beneficial effect. In line with using it with Cable, Nathan Summers, SHIELD agents + In the crossfire, shift Cable out then in, readying him and burning again. 


It’s a recovery effect – You remove stunned Cable from the game, and bring him back in hale and healthy the next build phase. 


And, because I just thought of it while typing –  a random janktastic combo: You have Mystique, Shapely Shifter in play, named Cable, since you want a turn 4 Cable for some reason. On six, you want to play your 6 drop Cable without losing your 4 drop, so you Providence Mystique out, returning her to play with a different name. You saw it here first, folks.  (Actually, making her be Deadpool might not be the worst idea…)

I don’t know about you, but I would be pretty happy with a location which could recover my Legend every turn. The fact that Providence has so many other options makes it a very interesting card indeed. Cards with multiple applications are great skill testers, in both gameplay and deckbuilding. Many of the “secondary” uses of Providence (I would classify the recovery as the main and best effect it has) will require a bit more building around them to maximise their potential, but potential it remains. 

The second card is a nice little Legend-stamped equipment card for our Messiah wannabe of the week. 


But wait, you say… If Cable’s shifting and bodysliding in and out of play all the time, equipment’s not going to be that much good to him, right? 


Just when you thought Cable decks couldn’t draw any more cards, right?


It might not have the sheer impact of Techno Organic Virus, or see as many cards in a turn as today’s other preview (brought to you by Checkmate Arcade), but it does translate into one extra card a turn while Cable’s stunning people and taking names. Which, given X-Force’s plethora of combat tricks, shouldn’t be too hard at all. And in Silver, it’s two cards per turn if you’ve got a New Baxter Building in play. 


It’s not big or flashy, but it’s reliable extra cards from turn to turn, and you can’t complain about that. Extra cards are just plain good. And it doesn’t come with the same risks as TO Virus – Psimatar just straight up draws some cards.


And whatever to do with all those extra cards… pump and punch, I would hope. It’s certainly what X-Force is geared towards. Of course, with all that draw and In The Crossfire, there’s certain combo potential too, not to mention the Alpha Flight team up that’s begging to happen.


~ by Anthony on October 23, 2008.

3 Responses to “MEV Previews: Providence and Psimitar”

  1. OMG you didnt talk about the most important part of the Psimitar card it has Rob Liefeld art!!!!!!! I must have foil and as many copies of that card as I can.

    Playwise both of these cards are sick, and good job on the reviews

  2. No, actually it has “Ron Liefeld” art. 😉

  3. […] from. • Endangered Species – Despite its back-up story nature, I rather liked this story. • Psimitar – Rob Liefeld art for those Rob Liefeld lovers. Don’t be ashamed, you know who you are. • […]

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