Maidstone Mega Weekend Golden Age Legends Winners Report

With this report, Laughing at the King returns to its scheduled programming. I hope.  There’ll be a couple of days of reports on the weekend, probably some deck deconstruction, and hopefully by then there’ll be a full spoiler of MEV so I can talk about Shift, Power Creep, and the inevitable Deadpool deck I’ll build. 


Maidstone Mega Weekend – Golden Age Build a Legend Winners Report

The aftermath of a Masters left me broke and jobless for a while, so I wasn’t able to make Game ’08. Because of that, there was no way I was going to miss out on the Maidstone Weekend. Graham was generous enough to put me up for the weekend and his family were good enough to tolerate and feed me as well. A big thank you to the Beadles.


I had planned on bringing a Spider-Clones deck to the tournament, but the mysterious disappearance of 3 copies of Spider-Man, The Sensational Spider-Man at the last minute meant I had to scrabble something together very quickly indeed. When contemplating my last minute direction change, I decided that after all the discussion that there’s been recently about the death of curve that I wanted a good solid curve combat deck. My first thought was Darkseid, but I didn’t have all the bits. Then my eyes fell on Punisher, and I thought to myself that a Punisher deck would be a good choice. However, lacking 4 Wild Rides, I didn’t want to do a pure MK build, because I hate playing with less than 8 searchers in a curve deck. Consistency problems with a curve deck… Nowhere better to turn than Checkmate. Checkmate also allowed me greater consistency with hitting New Baxter Building and the Fate set, so my decision was made. However, lacking much time (I had been out with friends the night before, missed the last bus, and had arrived home at 9am, with no sleep and needed to leave to catch the flight at 2pm) I simply took any cards that might make it into the deck, tossed them into a deck tin, and went to bed to grab a couple of hours sleep. The actual deckbuilding occured on the morning of the tournament, and this is what I ended up with:


2 Connie Webb, Knight
3 Black Thorn,
4 Punisher, Suicide Run
4 Ahmed Samsarra, White King
1 Sarge Steel, Knight
4 Punisher, Guns Blazing
1 Captain America, Loyal Patriot
1 Annihilation Protocol<>OMAC Robot
3 Huntress, Reluctant Queen
1 Spider-Man, The Spectacular Spider-Man
1 Punisher, Angel of Death
1 Sasha Bordeaux, Autonomous Prototype
1 Ghost Rider, Danny Ketch

4 Brother I
1 Quentin Carnival
1 Avalon Space Station
1 Slaughter Swamp
1 Brother Eye
1 Satellite HQ
1 Leslie Thompsons Clinic
1 New Baxter Building
2 Dr.Fates Tower
3 Checkmate Safe House

3 Enemy of my Enemy
1 Wild Ride
4 Cover Fire

1 Knight Armor
3 M60’s
2 Helm of Nabu
2 Cloak of Nabu
1 Amulet of Nabu


What you might notice is the lack of any particularly good King Protection. No Threat Neutralized was a conscious decision, but I did intend on packing a Fifth Dimension, but completely forgot. Luckily, I am made entirely of jam, and I managed not to get King Killed in any match, though I came close in Game 1…


(As always, apologies for any flawed recollections. My notes are poor and my recall not a whole lot better. )


Game 1: Ben, Warbound (Hulk Legend)

(Decklists for all the decks in the tournament are up at The British Initiative)


The first few turns were setup for both of us, without any significant interactions. I chose to place Ahmed visible with Knight Armour in order to deter any attacks on turn 3 from the 3 Drop Hulk, and then I dropped Punisher with an M60. Then my heart dropped into my stomach as Brood hit the table. It was at this point I remembered that I did not in fact have any way of removing Ahmed from play. This made the next few turns rather nailbiting for me. Hulk, Gladiator came in on 5, but I was able to protect Ahmed with Quentin Carnival, Koing the Knight Armour. He attack Hulk, Gladiator into Cap, and because I was so preoccupied with not getting King Killed, I thought “I won’t use the Shield Counter so I can use it to protect Ahmed later”… then remembered the KO effect. Facepalm. Luckily, it was not to prove too much of a problem. Punisher took out his Gladiator, leaving the Green King underwhelmingly statted on turn 6. I completed the Fate Set on Punisher in addition to his M60, and was able to put ben under with superior board and a stonking huge Punisher.


Game 2: Tommy (Hellboy plus some highly unusual friends)

Tommy had me very confused facing this deck. It was certainly an unusual concoction, and I had little idea what to expect. I saw Goblin and Cap hit the board early, and figured that it was some sort of counter deck, but had no idea who the legend was. I hit Punisher, Suicide Run and Ahmed, and there was some trading, with me taking more damage in the early turns. Then Punisher hit and geared up, and Tommy had no recruit. (As you might notice as the report continues, any time I play Tommy I seem to steal his luck and he misses drops). This was on course a major turning point. That combined with a Loyal Patriot who brickwalled the second attack into him with a Cover Fire was enough to take the game.




Game 3: Amy (Spider-Clones)

My notes on this game are particularly sparse for the mid-game. The life totals I have don’t have the turn noted down beside them until turn 7. I got M60s and a couple of pieces of Fate gear on Punisher, used Quentin Carnival to equip Cap with M60’s. I also made a mistake here in accidentally searching out the second Helm instead of the missing Cloak, and equipping it… wasn’t until the combat phase that I realised I hadn’t actually equipped the Cloak… (Note to self: Take own advice about autopilot) I’m just glad the game state was easily restored by Koing the duplicate Helm. There was some combat, no doubt some Punisher Koing, and Huntress and Quentin Carnival did wonders to keep Punisher from being Gift Wrapped. I stalled out with my own Spider Man to bring the game to 7. Nice Try stopped Punisher, Angel of Death from doing his thing (The Fates had been switched to Spidey), but I weathered the turn and was able to get the win on the swingback thanks to some terribly convuluted searching and digging which resulted in me getting the vital Huntress back with an Avalon. (I remember little about the exact sequence of plays here, all I remember was the frantic thinking and the sigh of relief when I figured out I’d dodged the bullet… Should really have written it down). All in all, it was a very enjoyable game with many moves and counter moves and negations and exhaustions.




Game 4: Graham (Reign of Arkham, Doom Legend)


I’ll admit to a near total failure of memory on this one. My slightly cryptic notes lead me to assemble the following observations about the early turns: I dropped Black Rose on turn 2, and had some concerns on Turn 3 about topdecking something (I have some probability calculations jotted down). I managed to Topdeck a Wild Ride on 4 to get Punisher, so I’m going to assume that I burned a search card on 3 to hit Ahmed and risked missing Punisher. I hadn’t rowed a team up at this point, so I wouldn’t have been able to Brother I for him.  Endurance totals were pretty even for the most part. Unfortunately, Two Face locked down my 4, 6, and 8 on turn 8, and he put me on 5 to his 7, and I was unable to deal enough damage without taking as much myself.




Game 5: James (Illuminati, Mr Fantastic Legend)


This game started very slowly, with him setting up his board of hidden illuminati and me setting up with Ahmed. On 4 I didn’t have a way into the hidden area, so I just started swinging to the face. I knew James was running the Infinity Gauntlet, and he was perilously close to assembling all the Old Boys Club and he had them all FF affiliated. I really wanted to get in there to start Koing Illuminati with Punisher. Realm of the Mind was punishing my hand, and Elektra Situation on 5 defanged Punisher somewhat. But I got my Satellite HQ and Annihilation Protocal and Punisher went a hunting, putting in a lot of damage and costing James a Professor X. Too little, too late, I thought. If he hits an Iron Man on 6, he’ll have his lock and that will be that. (Infinity Gauntlet + Cosmic Radiation = Scary). Luckily for me, Iron Man was not to be seen, and without any visible characters to stop the onslaught to the face the game was mine. James, drawing cards later in the turn, discovered what no-one wants to see in these situations – that Iron Man was the very next card in the deck.


Sometimes, it’s better to be lucky than good, and I had been lucky a couple of times during this tournament.


4-1, enough for first place.


Tomorrow: Silver Age Report

The Day after that: Draft Reports (MVL and MUN)



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